The Nikita Zhitov Foundation
for Real Estate Education

Paving The Way For Real Estate Professionals Of Tomorrow

Our Mission

Industry Knowledge

Provide North Carolina youth with access to specialized industry knowledge on real estate entrepreneurship.

Brokerage Licenses

Help North Carolina high school students obtain brokerage licenses.


Award scholarships to help pay for college for students who chose real estate as their major.

About Us

Real Estate is a powerful industry that has created more millionaires than all other industries combined.

Our foundation is dedicated to providing equal opportunity to North Carolina youth and access to education necessary to begin your career in the real estate industry.

It is our hope that having access to such knowledge will help you transform your life for the better like it did for our sponsors.


Whether you plan to be a realtor full-time, part-time, or in your spare time...getting your real estate license presents an invaluable learning opportunity.

Not sure where to begin? Let our exclusive partner, Superior Real Estate School, show you the way.

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